​2/24/2015- Email - Thanks so much ... I really appreciate your feedback. Customer service is certainly lost these days and I rarely get a response such as you provided today, really appreciate it!  Steve

​3/11/2013 - Email - Thank you for servicing our gas logs today.  Our fireplace is running at top performance once again!  Marty & Rosalie G.

​2016 - Letter - Thanks for everything. Great Job!  Doug

​2/16/2016 - Yelp - I love this store. We bought our fireplace there 5 years ago and it is beautiful and functional. They are great with tech support before and after the sales. We go back and visit and get ideas. Nice stuff. Marsha H.

11/12/2012 - Email - Hi.  I was in earlier today with my mom and scheduled a home visit for this Thursday ... Thanks for taking so much time to visit with me... Thanks again for all your help.  I appreciate your professional knowledge and expertise!  Sherrie H.

​12/2/14 - Email - Thanks, Bob...as usual good customer service on your part.... ​Leigh H.

3/29/2000 - Letter - ​I thought I should send you a picture of our beautiful fireplace. We just love it. Have been showing it off, and would certainly recommend it. We had a power outage for over 12 hours during the March snowstorm, and it kept the room at 65 degrees. The far end of the house was at 60 degrees. When the electricity came back on , I went to turn the fire down and discovered Bob had left it on low. Don't know how warm we could have been if he had turned it up....​We are very happy with it, and really enjoyed doing business with you folks.... ​Sincerely, Betty G.

01/1996- Letter - Just a note to say how very much we appreciated your exeptional "service after the sale". We expected to be charged because it had been a while since our purchase. Our complaint was courteously & timely handled, our insert was professionally attended to & we are happy with it. But I can't tell you how impressed we were with you!​ You may quote me! Sincerely Yours Tim & Debi W.

1993 - Reply Post card - ​The young mans is friendly and courteous. We've always been pleased with the work of all the people.

​2013 -A Google User - I recently had a chimney for my woodstove improperly installed during a rebuild. The woodstove wouldnt draw, and was a fire hazard. I called Flames' competition who set up an immediate appointment. They never showed up or called. I called Flames, they came out the next day to inspect and explained the work that would need done. Setup an appointment to replace the entire chimney. They actually called me the minute they had an opening and came out earlier than expected. They were prompt, did a great job, and were reasonably priced. I didnt purchase my woodstove from Flames, but I wish I had. The money spent is well worth the peace of mind knowing its done right. Thank you Flames!

​11/3/14 - Email - Our fireplaces are beautiful and we are just beginning to use them. We installed one up and one downstairs, A definite attraction when people come to visit. Also keeps our house very warm! Thank you.  Lee and Renee S.

12/13/2012 - On line - These guys gave me more information than anyone else I talked to. Best selection I ve seen anywhere. If I ever get another stove, I ll be back. ​Bob

10/13/1994- Letter - ​Just thought I would write and let both of you know how much we like the stove & how nice it looks. We built our first fire last night & it works great...Again, thanks for the great job!! Your friends Rod & Terri T.

12/13/2003- Letter - ​It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks you for all your help in the end. Take care. ​Michele L.

12/27/2012 - Email - Bob thanks for the service manual.  I tackled the stove this morning and it did not take long to get the job done. Thanks, George O.

​2016 - Angies List - ....Flames cheerfully refunded our deposit and overall were very professional.
I would call them again. Anonymous.

1993 - Reply Post card - ​I always tell my friends that you are one of only 3 companies in town that you can depend on to come when they say they will.

7/13/2006- Letter - ​As promised here are pictures of the gorgeous fireplace you built for us! We got to enjoy it a few times in the early spring, but can't wait to use it a lot this coming fall and winter.... Thank you for your professionalism and a terrific job. Sincerely, Debbie & George

​1/25/2013 - Email - ​I really wanted to tell you and Shane a special THANK YOU!  One for your patience and two for helping Adam and I when we clearly had communication issues between our Builder and Framers/Drywall Folks.  Adam is more than elated with his new wood stove and will for sure enjoy it for many, many years to come.  We look forward to utilizing your location for cleanings and accessories over the years.  You of course have a fantastic company that we will  "Highly" recommend to all our friends, neighbors and family members. God bless you all!  Thanks again for your patience!  Thank you, Amanda R.

11/23/1995 - Letter - This letter is to thank you for the fireplace insert you installed in October of this year. After having used it over one month (especially with the cold weather we have had the last few days). I am constantly impressed at how good it does the job. The insert is easy to light and re-light, uses little wood and puts out lots of heat. Having never used a wood stove, I am amazed every time I fire it up. This thing really is an appliance. Anyway….Thanks for the product and the fine installation job... Again, thanks. Russell C. 

​2014 Letter - We want to thank you for making shopping for an electric fireplace insert such a pleasure. Truly friendly and very knowledgable service is hard to come by anymore. We will be giving Flames high recommendations. Sunny U. & Johnny M.

1993 - Reply Post card - ​The Dutchwest stove that I purchased from you, I could not be more pleased. I would recommend your stoves and services.

​2/28/2017 - Google - one of the best places ever by far. Rebecca B.

​01/02/2015- Email - I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your customer service on Wednesday.  I called you to ask about my pilot light clicking off several times a day.  After you instructed me what to do to clear off the dust that had probably accumulated near the pilot light, the fire has been burning brightly and consistently all day long!  Easy fix! 
But, I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to talk me through that, and the integrity that you displayed.  You could have easily set me up for a technician to come to my house to fix it, costing me service charges, mileage, and whatever else you wanted to do, and I would have not known that it was such an easy problem to solve.  I have had to call one other time, and it was the same thing.  Thank you for being a company that values customer service, even though I bought the logs several years ago.  And thank you for your honesty.  I have never regretted driving all the way to Joplin to purchase my gas logs.  Today is just another example of why that is true. Happy 2015!!  Lori K.

​12/8/2016 - Google - I went to every fireplace shop in town. This one has the friendliest people best prices and you don't feel like you're messing around with a bunch of snobs. Jeremy D.

​2/26/2017 - Google - Nice place large selection. Joe B.

12/29/2017- Always a good experience. Nice people, and a great selection of BBQ items including just about any kind of smoking wood you might want. Travis.

​6/17/2017 - Google - Very helpful had a lot of good information. ​Robert W.

1993 - Reply Post card - ​Nice, friendly and competent. Pleasure to do business with.

​10/14 - On line - Had Flames install an extraordinaire 44 in our new home. I had speculations at first but my wife talked me into buying the expensive fireplace. Boy was I wrong! My wife made an excellent choice! I only burned 7 ricks of seasoned wood last year and never turned on the heat. It heated our large home, no problem.We should make our money back in 6 years or less. THANK YOU FLAMES!

1993 - Reply Post card - ​I have been well satisfied. so far. Just keep it up and you will keep me as one of your customers.

9/10/94 - Letter - It has been a pleasure working with you. Know we are just going to love our beautiful new fireplace. ​Please remember to add us to your list for annual cleaning.  ​Cheers,  De G.

03/14/2012- Email - Can't thank you enough for all the showroom time spent with me as well as the expert install of our new fireplace at the Lake. Shopping and buying at Flames was a complete experience for my wife and me.  Now if it would just cool off a little we can light our first fire. Thanks to all the Flames personnel. Bill G.

​5/31/13 - Email - Thanks for the prompt response and, more importantly, thanks being so helpful.... And I must say, I was hesitant at first buying an Egg. They’re a lot of money. But the way I have been treated, both by you and the staff there, and those at the big green egg’s corporate, assure me I made the right decision to become part of the Big Green Egg family.... Thanks again, Mark C.

February 5, 1995 - Letter  - This is a very belated THANK YOU for telling us how to enjoy the fireplace insert we bought a year ago. You probably don't rember us, but we came to your fireplace shop looking for a fireplace cover to take care of what we thought was a downdraft problem--we were smelling smoke in our house in the middle of the summer.
You told us of the possibility and probability that our problem stemmed from the lack of a liner in our fireplace. You explained what was needed to make the insert draw properly. In your explanation you helped us realize why we had not been pleased for an entire season with the insert that we had been trying to use....You told us that many stores selling inserts either are not aware of the problems involved with the lack of a liner or are afraid they might lose the sale if the buyer realized that it will take another $1100-$1400 to install the insert so it will draw properly. PLEASE SHARE THIS LETTER WITH ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT BUYING AN INSERT AND JUST SLIPPING IT IN THE PRESENT OPENING. Please believe us, you will more than likely become discouraged and not use your new fireplace if you don't install it with a liner....we can't thank you enough for the time you spent with us. Even knowing that you wouldn't be the one to make the sale and get to do the installing, you spent at least an hour with us. wish you had been closer.... Dick P.

1/2011- Letter  - ​Thank you so much. As I come across prospects for you... I'll recommend you. The Hall's gave you a good report and the wife is happy with a smaller insert, as the old one used logs she struggled to pick up.

God Bless, ​Carol, M.

2/9/93 - Letter - ​​​We were just at our Tulsa Ozark Club cabin and want to thank you for the fine job on the fireplace. I couldn't believe the clean glass doors, too! How I had scrubbed on thoses, and you did it. An amazing difference- ​We are grateful. ​John​​ P.

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